Campaign Mechanics:

  • All Combo (BOSTA Keto Coffee + BOSTA Keto Cocoa) = RM 298.00
  • BOSTA Keto Coffee = RM 149.00
  • BOSTA Keto Cocoa = RM 149.00
*Terms and Conditions Apply

Campaign Description:

This Ramadan, embark on a journey of health-conscious indulgence with our exclusive BOSTA Keto Drinks Ramadan Sales Campaign from 7th March – 9th April 2024. Elevate your iftar and suhoor experiences with our specially crafted selection of low-carb, sugar-free beverages designed to keep you energized and refreshed throughout the month.

Say goodbye to sugary cravings and hello to guilt-free enjoyment with our diverse range of keto-friendly drinks. From creamy bulletproof coffee blends to refreshing cocoa we have everything you need to stay hydrated and nourished while maintaining your ketogenic lifestyle during Ramadan.

As you observe the sacred month of fasting, let our Ramadan Sales Campaign be your companion in staying true to your health goals. Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions on our curated lineup of keto drinks, ensuring that you can sip and stay on track without compromising on taste or quality.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of wellness and mindfulness this Ramadan. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your day with a nutritious keto coffee or cocoa after a long fast, our collection has something for every palate and preference.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to prioritize your health and well-being during Ramadan. Stock up on your favorite keto drinks today and embrace a month of nourishment, vitality, and spiritual growth. Ramadan Kareem!

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