The founder of BOSTA HQ SDN BHD is Mr. Izwan Amirudin bin Md Tahir, better known as Mr. Izwan. He was born at Hospital Segamat, Johor on 13 December 1991. Before he builded up the company, he used to work as an engineer from the years of 2016 until 2018.

In 2016, Mr. Izwan started a small business venture of dropshipping shoes and clothes, even though he was still working as an engineer at that time. Then, in the following year, Mr. Izwan took a step to join Business and Marketing classes with great mentors, Dr. Azizan Osman and Sifu Najib Assadok. His purpose in attending these classes was to deepen his knowledge of business and marketing. Participating in classes like these, opened his mind to engage in the field of business until the year of 2018.

In November 2020, BOSTA KETO COFFEE was successfully launched in the market. BOSTA started with a single employee who managed all the systems. Now, BOSTA proudly open multiple positions to hires and trains as many employees as we can plus build up several departments within the company to support the management and operation activities. Mr. Izwan is devising a strategy to produce BOSTA KETO COCOA flavoured product. Alhamdulillah, in the year of 2021, BOSTA HQ SDN BHD achieved its first RM 1 MILLION in sales.

In January 2021, Mr. Izwan decided to further his studies on the Ketogenic Diet. The training process took quite some time, but with his great effort and passion, Mr. Izwan finally succeeded in obtaining a certificate as a “Ketogenic Diet Coach”. With the experiences and knowledges he gained, he wants to help even more people out there and promote healthier lifestyles.

Mr. Izwan and the BOSTA Team have also shared about BOSTA on the Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok platforms called as BOSTA OFFICIAL with aims to create brand awareness and promoting our products and services.

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