BOSTA Let's Slim Spire


The Let’s Slim Spire program was established to train participants to achieve ketosis and reduce weight more quickly using the techniques of the ketogenic diet and Intermittent Fasting compared to other diets.

Not only will you have access to the Lets Slim Spire course, but you will also receive guidance from the Bosta Team itself to help you realise your dreams:

What you will get:

  • Access to the Let’s Slim Spire course for 3 Months.
  • Guidance from the Bosta Team.
  • Full knowledge of the ketogenic diet from Dr. Jue (Doktor Sakit Kronik).
  • Daily menus and over 20 keto recipes.
There is no doubt that we have helped more than 500 participants who have registered for the Let’s Slim Spire Programme, especially in losing weight and overcoming chronic diseases with a healthy eating style.
Stay tuned for our next batch of Let’s Slim Spire Programme.
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